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An Apothecary CBD-infused line of enhanced topicals with ingredients that honor ayurvedic and herbal wellness traditions. HempNature products are made with Broad Spectrum CBD and are 0.00% THC free.

From skin & body daily wellness, to active recovery or a new before-bed "wind-down" routine, you will love these self-care plant-dense staples.

CBD Made Simple.

Formulas Developed for Maximum Absorption
Optimal Phytonutrient Benefits
Authentic Premium Quality Experience

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Our Clean Product Philosophy

Every product ingredient is screened through a rigorous clean & toxic free global database prior to being selected for final formula.

HempNature products are made with various plant and natural ingredients that score a 2 or below on a 0-5 clean rating scale.

Third Party testing is performed for every batch and available to our customers on the products page. Just click or scan the QR code for the products COA (Certificate of Analysis).

5 = highly hazardous and zero = best.